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Expert PHP Development

Looking for a PHP Developer? You’ve come to the right place!

The web today is no longer made up of static pages and boring sites! The possibilities are limitless with everything from e-commerce sites, to blogging sites, to project management and video sites; the web is a changing environment. All of this is made possible by programming languages such as PHP! PHP Development has changed the landscape of websites tremendously. We came into existence by developing time management solutions… multi-user and web based timeclock systems for small to medium sized businesses. We then expanded our horizons into the e-commerce market, and the rest is history!

Don’t fall behind your competition!

Today’s business environment requires a strong web presence using cutting edge technology! Let us help you!

No Project Is Too Big!

From local “mom and pops”, to companies with sales topping 30 million, we have consistently delivered stunning results at reasonable rates! Have a long term project? No problem… we work on projects of all sizes and length. We are confident that no matter what it is you need, Laymance Technologies should be the first place you call!

You have probably already seen our work! A little known secret is that Laymance Technologies provides design and programming services to other design firms, not only in our local Knoxville, TN region, but nationwide. Chances are you have already experienced our work first hand! We can also come in mid-project. We have many clients who call who are not happy with their current developer, or a developer who could not deliver what he promised. No problem, we can take over your project no matter what stage it is at!

The Working Relationship

We pride ourselves on keeping our clients happy and making sure we give them the best product possible. There are several methods we use in order to fulfill this goal:

  • Project Management System
    Our project system allows us to completely plan the project from beginning to end! We set realistic milestones and attach actions/tasks, and other relevant information – this helps us to stay on target. The best part about our Project System is that you the client has access to it! You can monitor the progress and interact with our designers and programmers throughout the length of the project.
  • Development Environment
    All of our work will be uploaded to our development environment for testing. You the client will also have access to this dev environment so that you can see the site/application progress and test drive it before the site goes live!
  • Versioning Server
    When we develop, all code is committed to our Subversion versioning system. What does this mean for you? All code is tracked and can easily be reverted to different revisions. This makes updates to your code easy and allows changes to be easily deployed, as well as easily reverted.
  • Professional Staff
    We use only the most knowledgable and professional staff, there is no settling for second best! All of our programmers are experts in the field, so this means that you will get a 1) solid design and coding 2) security conscious coding and 3) the know-how to actually do what we say!

What Type of Projects Do We Handle?

We like working on projects of all types! Big and small, simple to difficult, we enjoy it all! But, to give you an idea of the type of projects we have done in the past, see the list below.

E-Commerce Sites
Custom Store Applications
Online Ordering Systems
Real-Time Credit Card Processing
Order and Invoice Management

Inventory Control Systems
Technical Support Systems
Custom Help Forms
Support Ticket Systems
WordPress Sites and Plugins

Custom Web Forms
Database Driven Sites
Email and Marketing Applications
Javascript and AJAX

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy! Just click the “Ready to start?” link at below and fill out a project request form. If you prefer to speak to a human about your PHP Development project, you can reach us by email at, or by telephone at (888) 597-4372. Although we are located in the greater Knoxville Tennessee area, we have clients located in different regions of the country and accept clients nationwide!

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